Blue Smoke

Cuthbert Studio 

is now C losed

Thank you for all your love and support

It has been an incredible journey with so many beautiful experiences shared. We thank our community for all the love & support, all you contributed to it, and to us. Although the beautiful walls will no longer contain us, we will be offering classes and events in our community. Jackie is available for services, and Kasie will still be offering yoga and readings. If youd like to host us for a class or event, reach out!

Check the schedule for any upcoming classes and events!

Blue Smoke

Kundalini Yoga w/ Kasie

at rOming yoga

Join me Monday, June 7th from 7-8pm for Kundalini Yoga!

rOming Yoga is in Odessa at 2622 N. Grandview

Culture. Wellness. Creativity.

At Dharma Art we would like to empower you to get to know yourself so that you can initiate healing and happiness in your Mind, Body, and Spirit. We use time tested, alternative methods to health and wellness that are sure to change your awareness of your life and the world around you. 

Dharma Art is a unique gathering place for community and wellness for people who value individuality and self expression. Our mission is to create culture, art, spirituality and health in West Texas and to provide a environment for unique experiences. 

Dharma Art is a unique Midland,Tx based Yoga & Meditation studio, Alternative wellness center, Art Gallery, & Art Studio. We offer a large variety of alternative methods, classes, and community events to enrich your life.