Energy Healing

Our energy healer Jackie utilizes Reiki, crystals, oils and her own intuitive guidance to aid you in shifting your energy, promoting healthy, positive emotions and increased energy levels. Energy Healing can have a profound effect on the mind, body and Spirit, reducing areas of stress in the body, helping you to relax and heal.



Kasie uses instruments such as the Gong, Crystal bowls, Tuning forks and Chimes to bring your physical, mental and energy bodies into balance. This is a relaxing experience that will leave you feeling amazingly aligned!

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is a relationship and conversation. Deeply listening to your story, Lynn points to the Sacred manifest there and invites you to explore how you can deepen your awareness, response and connection to Source and why you might resist. Turn your gaze in a spiritual direction to expand your aliveness.

(432) 235-5505

2034 West Cuthbert, Midland Texas 79701



9am to 1pm 

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